The Council of Cats

Title: The Council of Cats

Genre: Urban fantasy, mythology

Summary: In the quiet residential district of Diliman, Quezon City, a secret war is raged in the dead of night on empty streets and shadowed alleys. Monsters called Aswang, which can only be seen on the second plane of sight, hunt humans in the city—humans who live under the protection of cats and dogs, who see and fight these creatures on the second plane. It is because of Inang Diwa, the queen cat older than humanity itself, that the Aswang fear the cats enough to be held at bay.

But things change one day, when, in protecting a loved one, the Aswang see the queen bleed. From there on, the Aswang grow bolder, and the dogs and cats must come together, stronger than ever before, to face the coming storm.

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